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The International Mental Health festival

During the International Mental Health Festival that will take place for the first time 23-27 september 2019, mental health will be put under a spotlight in Amsterdam, Maastricht, London and Liverpool. This inaugural event presents a wide range of workshops, lectures, panel discussions, meetups and more. These will be organised at various locations throughout the four cities for the general public, students, expats, carers and professionals. The International Mental Health Festival aims to provide its visitors with a perceptive insight and facts on what they can do for themselves and their beloved ones to stay mentally healthy, informs about the healthcare system, helps identify when professional support is needed and where to find the right care at the right time. In this way it acts in a preventive and protective manner and guides towards early interventions. The International Mental Health Festival is an easily accessible and above all a nice way to get acquainted with mental health and everything that is related to it.


Prof. Dr. Thérèse van Amelsvoort, Professor in Transitional psychiatry, Maastricht UMC+
Dr. Jamiu Busari, Associate Professor of Medical Education/Consultant, Paediatric Physician, Maastricht University
Prof. Dr. Rik Crutzen Professor of Behaviour Change & Technology, Department of Health Promotion, Maastricht University
Dr. Nicole Geschwind, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience, Maastricht University
Dr. Monica Janowski, Research Associate at the SOAS Centre of South East Asia Studies, Department of Anthropology and Sociology, SOAS University of London
Dr. Andrew Jones, Senior Lecturer in Healthcare Sciences, University of Manchester
Prof. Dr. Peter Kinderman, Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Liverpool
Prof. Dr. Rianne Letschert, Rector Magnificus Maastricht University
Helen Lionarons, Oh My Mood, Consultant Clinical Psychologist
Dominic Lodge, Volunteer Development Manager, Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust, Hampshire
Prof. Dr. Bart Rutten, Professor of Neuroscience and Mental Illness, Maastricht University, Chair of the Department of Psychiatry and Neuropsychology, Maastricht UMC+
Dr. Grahame Smith, Faculty of Education Health and Community, Liverpool John Moores University
Prof. Dr. Reinout Wiers, Professor of Developmental Psychopathology, University of Amsterdam


Brightlands Maastricht
Stichting St Clemens
Maastricht University
Conservatorium Maastricht
Health Foundation Limburg
Het Jonge Brein College
The Student Hotel
University of Liverpool
Liverpool John Moores University
City Gym Maastricht

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